About Me

Terrelle Smith is an encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring sought-after Motivational Speaker. She has been a featured speaker at numerous empowerment conferences for women and teenage girls. She is also a recipient of Jacksonville's Top 30 Women of Influence for 2015 and for the 2016 year. Terrelle has a gift that she is adamant about sharing with audiences of all backgrounds and walks of life. She has endured and triumphed through many trials and setbacks in her personal life and is honored that God has chosen her to be transparent about her past in order to help others on to victory. Terrelle believes that no matter where you are in life, everyday is an opportunity to grow, learn, and to Become A Better You.

Terrelle not only gives back to the community, but also to several churches by helping Teens with their personal style as well as helping to change their way of thinking.
One of the founding members of The Diva Factory and now her very own  Synerge Hair Products, Terrelle believes that the way you dress tells a lot about who you are. She strongly believes that you can accomplish whatever you put your  mind to and soar as high as you can imagine.  

An Educator for Avlon Industries, Terrelle had a chance to educate Hairstylist as well as individuals all over the United States on maintaining healthy hair and proper Hair care.  She strongly encourages young people and adult women to get involved with volunteering to help other women and girls in the community understand and know their worth. She is a licensed Cosmetologist for the American Cancer Society, the Chairperson of the Advisory board of Cosmetology at FSCJ and now her latest, The Author of "Becoming A Better Me 45 Day Motivational Journal," was one of her gifts the Lord blessed her to write.

 Terrelle believes that each individual shows their personality by their appearance, that is why she feels there is a need to reach out to the girls and women to help them better communicate through self-expression.  Terrelle is now the proud owner of KO'TURE Beauty Studio along with KO'TURE Cosmetics where she provides personal one on one attention to her clients ensuring them that they are beautiful!